Lyrics Zendaya – Butterflies

Zendaya – Butterflies words

Wait a minute
Every time you’re near
My body’s getting reckless
Hope I don’t regret this
Wait a minute
The way you make me feel
I can’t keep my focus
It’s too much to resist

I’m over being under your spell
It keeps blinding me
Was too blind to see, yeah
I’m not the only one that you tell
That I’m the only one

But my heart keeps telling me he’s the perfect love
You rip me up with every last goodbye
I don’t wanna say forever
It’s just another now or never
So heart don’t let me trust these butterflies
I don’t trust these butterflies
‘Cause they fool me every time

Wait a minute
You want another try
Like the time before
Then a million more
Wait a minute
I’m ready to fly
No need to read your mind
I can read the signs

You wanna catch me before I’m gone
But I’m already there
Yeah, I’m already there
You wanna stop me from moving on
But I’m already there
Yeah, I’m already there


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