Lyrics XXXTENTACION – Whores on the Boards

XXXTENTACION – Whores on the Boards words

[Intro: XXXTENTACION & Nyora Spouse]
Very Rare Boys nigga (How you feel?)
(Fuck that, get slumped bitch)
Y’all feel like that?
Hm, see me
Mama had to send me into church

Fucking monster with a TEC, boy, I aim for your neck (Yea-)
Had your brother’ mother wet, ’cause she know I’m the best, I’m sick (Y’all feel like that?)
Rap so sinister, murder your local minister (Y’all feel like that?)
Lyrics bitter as vinegar, spittin’ in your perimeter
Heard you straight as a cylinder, so I can’t fucks wit’ you
All my niggas is gang bangers and diss niggas
Heard we was bumpin’, so you had to bring your clique with ya
So you know I had to put a bullet in ’bout six niggas (Yeah)
Fuck niggas, they running their triathlon
Catch me gettin’ sloppy wit’ a bitch that look like Asher Roth (Yeah)
And I ain’t playin’ games like zombies, bitch, I’m getting trains
Runnin’ trains and bitches killing snitches in an aeroplane
And I’m a menace, see more mouths than a dentist
I’m killing till I’m replenished, you niggas don’t know the half of it
Half-ass rappers talking shit, check the time
Turn around and see my nigga’s wit’ me totin’ .49’s
And know they mad ’cause I ain’t really stuntin’ shit
I hate the bitch and have my other wife who playing wit’ my dick (Y’all feel like that?)
Swallow spitting, swallow spitting, she swallow spitting
Said this since beginning, I’m just beginning, intend on winning

Yo, hahahaha

[Verse 2: Nyora Spouse & JAY-Z]
Hooligan in the hoodie, no Zimmerman
And shoot me, I got visions in my head, you’ll soon see
Savin’ my dollars for Mary Jane to get baked clean
Myself off with a sunbathing ape
Motherfuckers can’t rhyme no more, ’bout crime no more
I don’t take that fuck shit, I don’t even want your bitch (Yeah!)
She tryna ‘press me with some Lucy rose shit
Let a real nigga roll, oh, you wasting all the weed
Wearing all this [?] black ’cause I’m killing all this tree
Druggie nigga, I’m a slump boy
In for the ‘bidden fruit, should given me joy
But my pastor always talk, I gotta lie to me
These nigga’s biting me like sharks tryin’ to clone me (Yea-)
But shit, that’s how I earn respect (Yea-)
Sippin’ from the holy grail, while getting neck
Don’t need to sneeze to know I’m blessed
I’m Versace, motherfucker, you guessed
Small car, they try to get higher
The pussy I slay, but her’s is a fighter
You’re mad ’cause you can’t be like me
I stunt, I flex, and I burn Mary, G (Y’all feel like that?)
I stick to the code
Fall back and let young niggas watch them take notes
Uh (Y’all feel like that?)

[Outro: Nyora Spouse]
Shagadava, ah fu-
Y’all feel like that?


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