Lyrics XXXTENTACION – White Girl

XXXTENTACION – White Girl words

You know, gang gang, bitch
XXX, pussy boy
The Fall, pussy boy
Lil’ boof pack, pussy boy
Slump God, pussy boy
Yans, pussy boy
Fuck a bitch face, pussy boy
Young man title, pussy boy
Very rare boys 2015, pussy boy
Gang gang, pussy boy
You know that I’ll buck pussy boy
Gang gang gang gang
Gang gang gang
Gang gang gang

Jiggy you foreplay niggas don’t fuck ’round
You can’t kick it, lil nigga, for a gang like Mickey D’s
I need to breathe, yeah
I need the cheese
I need the chickens, they speakin’ to me
I plugged my wrists so it’s broken to bleed
You pussy
Stay down
You claim that you shootin’, but hey
You know but you stickin’ them rounds
Young nigga like Chucky, no cheese
Don’t talk cause they comin’, lil g
Yo mama was birthin’, but she
She suckin’ and fuckin’ for free
My fuckin’ wrists just caught a fever
You bricks? Them bricks are my leisure
Licks, she for felonies, yeah
Yo bitch she call me Felicia

[Bridge: Kate Havnvik]
I can’t go anywhere
Without feeling strange
I can’t see anyone
Everything has changed

[Hook: XXXTENTACION & Kate Havnvik]
Molly, aye
Cause every time I close my eyes
I got molly, I got molly, aye
It’s you again, you again
I got molly, I got molly, yeah
And every time I hear your voice I
I got molly, I got molly
Don’t know what to do with myself
I got molly, white girl
Call it Dolly White
Dolly White
Molly white girl, call it Dolly White
Dolly White
I got molly, call it Dolly White
The white girl
Call it Dolly, call it Dolly White
Dolly White


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