Lyrics XXXTENTACION – Palm Trees

XXXTENTACION – Palm Trees words

No, nigga I was–

Pick litter the middle of six niggers is bitter
As dick lickers as licking the clits, clitoris
Vigorous black bags like the vividus black Casper
Who’s backing the bash faster than Beverly
Mean cash or with Cassidy
And the passenger packin’ the shovel
Rackin’ up bodies, quicker than calories salaries
Mean spend it and vend it a pussy magnet and stagnant
And fra- fragments of faggots
Whose clique blackin’ with cactuses
And the package delivered
For fuckin’ sending ’em cinnamon covered synonyms
Get’ ’em, got ’em
Killin’ ’em, killable fuckin liberal kidabble
Little fucker then suck a cunt and couple of chemotherapy
Offices, officer
Of accomplishing condiments
Any converse is commonly
Incompetent prominence
Get a communist but-
They never understand
How it feels to be a man
How it feels to be a man, hm

Rolling blunts dump the guts inside a livid pool
We gonna cop a pound of weed and a pound of shrooms
Psych-Psych- Psychedelic man now if you turn on times
I read my story line, never did indulge a crime
Never did I leave a hundred questions in my head
Shit, nigga later, we dead
Paranormal pair of friends sayin’ fuck the world we live
Fuck, fuck the world we live in
Fuck what I don’t represent

[Bridge: Nyora Spouse]
Uh, slump, slump
Yeah, slump

[Verse 3: Nyora Spouse]
Same old me but a youngin got his cash up
Now I’m on the come up now these biters playing catch up-
Not talking about tomatoes
Play in my money like its play dough
Never with that girl you claim, my nigga is you gay though?
They say I couldn’t rap, came back like receipts
You can meet me at the Lick or you can meet me at the crib
We can fuck up in the car or we can fuck up in the sheets
Any once I am meeting you in that pussy like a meet and greet
Livin’ out my life courses
Take your bitch to eat, dining with five courses
Everything five stars, white bitches off bars
Man’s on Mars, but I’m godly where I’m from


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