Lyrics XXXTENTACION – Love (interlude)

XXXTENTACION – Love (interlude) words

[Intro: XXXTENTACION & Marilyn Manson]
So soft and so tragic, as a slaughterhouse
You press the knife against your heart
And say that, “I love you so much, you must kill me, now”
“I love you-“
Beyond the pale (Hey)
Everything’s black, no turning back (Yeah, yeah)
Beyond the pale (Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Beyond the pale (Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Retribution falls for my love from the trees (Yeah)
In this house of glass, I can’t break free, you cannot see, okay
Love, it can be all I want, it can be all I need (Yeah)
I’d much rather be alone (Yeah), you’d much rather watch me bleed


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