Lyrics XXXTENTACION – Kick In The Door

XXXTENTACION – Kick In The Door words

[Intro: Martin Lawrence & Coolie Pak]
I gots to talk
I gotta tell what I feel
I gotta talk about my life as I see it
Ayy, yo
Uh, yo, check it
Uh, yo

[Verse 1: Coolie Pak]
It’s a shame, who do we blame?
The government restrain to maintain the system we contain (Biggie)
Tolerate wads of flows, give up commercial lyrical shows
This ain’t 5-0 folders, phony fakes saying, “Fuck 12”
Not that I condone the killing, but squares get detected since [?, 0:32]
Get what I’m sayin’?
My word is always bond
24/7, eleven’s peel cerebellums on those who go to plottin’
Knockin’ noggins, beheadin’ politicians
Plans that’s optimistic, propendous and not ‘spicious
Never fictitious, hopin’ I become the richest
Venomous lyrical switches, whipped bitches
Fuck once snitches ’til eyes twitch, ayy (Come on)
Witch get stitched, not get fixed
But we’d need revolutionaries in this world
Maybe put down the TEC and find your intellect and use that nonsense and flex
Each year, younger, younger havin’ sex
With the only thing that swears the previous lines and what’s up next
Reach my apex, kick in the door, wavin’ the .44
I wave a message, I hope you think it’s impressive
Colossal done sent us to approve the youth mental
Come in gentle, no detrimental, once upon a time I found my divine mind
Inflicted apex vibes through these lines
That I bind, rise and grind to this shine
And unwind wads of wop, headed straight to the top (Biggie)
If I make it, it’s cops still pop top’s on the block
I guess that’s why I copped the Glock
Cop glocked at my pops, he survived that, runnin’ traffic on Trinity Ave
When niggas like Slick work up in the apartment
Cypher cast ’bout six words in my esophagus

[Interlude: XXXTENTACION & Coolie Pak]
My word is bound
Zay, you suck
I don’t even know what I’m gonna rap on this shit (Biggie), straight up
This is so shit
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God
Okay, okay, alright

Very angry while trying to strangle my balls
Wipe my ass with some butter while scraping shit on the wall
But honestly overall, I like popping an Adderall
While dancing around, clapping a pansy in overalls
It’s no wonder why my mother hates me
I beat my dick to porn flicks of Martin Lawrence with autistic babies
Child molestin’, incest, it wasn’t a question
Beat her like Sean Penn, venom in my pen
Rape a broad while kissin’ on Christian Bale
In fact, if I go to Hell, it’s likely I’ll go to jail
I heard in prison they like all the little kids
So me and that Woody Allen were planning to take a trip
“Oh Woody, such a big woody
Stop touching my penis, so cover it with a hoodie
You promised me if I came, you’d give me a bunch of goodies
What’s in that black backpack?”
“Oh it’s nothing”, well, nothing turned into something
‘Cause soon as the cops passed, Woody just hauled ass
Cops stopped us, Woody asked for a kiss
Told the officers coming that, “Woody’s touching my dick”

[Outro: XXXTENTACION & Coolie Pak]
Martin Lawrence in my backseat
In my- (Biggie), in my backseat
It’s a kick in the door
In the door, ayy
I’ma go up on niggas, yes
Ha-ha (*Screaming*)
Howdy y’all, fuck shit, you lied a bit, came off this shit’s like- *screaming*
Oh my God, oh, shit
Okay, alright, alright, alright, I’m done
(Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stu-)
Pussy boy, you get smoked, like a Newport


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