Ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh
Ayy, turn up a little, would ya?
Ayy, yuh, ayy, yuh
Had to hop on a different booth on these niggas
Ayy, yuh, yuh, yuh
Yuh, yuh, ayy, yuh
Voot up, voot up

Voot up, bitch! Want my dick? Pop that pussy like a zit, yuh
Fuck do you mean? I am mean? Suck my dick, yuh (Bitch)
Stay with that Glock, I won’t run from the opps, ayy
You see a shot, Glock on me, that’s the cops, ayy (Buck buck buck buck!)
Stop it, ayy, Gothic, ayy
Might rip the head off the prophet, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
Andy my clips, Milonakis, ayy
Empty that bitch, it ain’t nothing, ayy
Fuck it, ayy, pump him, ayy
I put his mouth on the carpet, ayy
Stomp on his head and then perf it, ayy
Hope that shit-talking was worth it, ayy
Duffel bag, think a nigga need a duffel bag
You brought your boy, you duck your bitch
Pressure, son, think these niggas want pressure, son
I grab the gun, extended clip
Pussy boy, leave you bleeding like a pussy, boy
You need a pack, you need a pitch

Oh, fuck
Ayy, pipe up, man, turn up, turn up


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