Rest in peace
I’m ’bout to body a nigga
Illuminati a nigga
Uh, what

I’m fuckin’ icy, where my cool pack?
Give me a Kool-Aid and ’bout eight racks
I could body any nigga on a 8 track
Maybe ’bout eight-mile, fuck your style, nigga
I’ma be wildin’, I’ma be stylin’
‘Til a motherfucker die in a ground, 8 feet under
Swear to God, I’ll be hot as thunder
Motherfucker, I’m the shit, triple six
Fuck a bitch, I’m the shit
Never that, never rat
Body bag, rag, hmm, that bag, hmm
Back again
Get a brown bag for my niggas in a brown jag, fuck that
Lu- Lucifer, where the Ruger that’ll blow right through you?
Swear to god I’m the shit, triple six, fuck your bitch
Black Benz in the pen, fuck your paper
Elevator, tell the waiter
I’ll be elevated motherfucker so high that I can touch the sky
I’m in outer space and my house be vacant
I’ll be trappin’ so the homies can make it
And I do it so the homies keep takin’
‘Cause the streets ain’t nothing easy
Be on your grinder
Poked him in his eye and I gave that boy a shiner
But it’s simple, the nigga say you know it all
Popping Adderall
Chilling ’til I’m dead nigga
Fuck your head nigga
Youngblood, triple six

[Interlude: Ski Mask the Slump God]
Aw shit, aw shit
Let Ski hop on this shit, alright

[Verse 2: Ski Mask The Slump God]
Very Rare tell me take off, nigga, I’m goin’ NASA
You gon’ need about four or five pastors
I’ma roll through, nigga thought I told you
‘Bout two clips and an OE go through
I go through, fall through, do I fall ho?
Damn, I’m divin’ in through a… fat ho (Haha)
Got a fat pocket though
Still with my motherfucking hockey and my sack of dough
Dope in my sock and I still put my cock
And jizz in your bitch, inject in a-
Do a split on your dick if you think you’re the shit
And I’m rolling ’round town like a motherfucking-, damn
Ski the shit, ride around and I’m fucking your bitch
Ride around and I’m coming through your town, nigga I’m-
Hold up
Alright though, hold up
I said Ski gon’ hop on the track
Break a bitch back if you think you attack
Mac in a book bag, nigga on attack with a MAC
To your back nigga, make your head go splat
Make your head go splat, rat-a-tat-tat
Bring the K, bring the AK with me anywhere, anyway, hey

[Interlude: Ski Mask The Slump God & E-Boogie]
Ski, Ski
Nigga, E-Boogie nigga
Gonna get jiggy on this track

[Verse 3: E-Boogie]
Fuck that shit, I rap that ape shit
That bape shit, niggas don’t wanna play shit
It’s all I spent but I’m tight clip
Niggas don’t wanna talk that shit
Until I fuck your wife, bitch
Now you wanna talk that shit
Why don’t you just at me?
Bitch-nigga can’t pass me
These niggas don’t ‘rass me
I’m rapping like Jeezy but my voice ain’t raspy
This is that coke flow, that dope flow
Fuck a bad bitch in a porno
Nigga that is so flow
Snow flow on my wrist
Bitch, that mean I’m icy
Why the fuck your bitch like me?
She wanna wife me
To type me, not Pokémon
Nigga while I’m rapping
Real nigga out here, sippin’ and crappin’
Motherfucker, fuck you and your crew
V2 is the crew, so who the fuck you do?
You ain’t doing shit
Ain’t made a move, ain’t smoke weed
Seven hundred blunts in the G
Motherfucker me, that is me
Kill him like a beat, motherfucker police on the street
Niggas on the beat but they don’t ever wanna talk to me
Now why the fuck you getting scared?
Motherfucker hit the rares, ooh
(I snapped too hard on that)

[Verse 4: New Age]
Money is the root of all evil
So I guess we’re bad people
I put the gun on the table, you think your life is a unstable
Try to beat me, unable
Bitches watch me like cable
I sit here reading the bible, I’m your new rap idol
My life is so fucking vital, ah, ah
I’m starting from the bottom but when I hit the top
You niggas best believe I ain’t gonna stop
I’m gonna keep on coming at you and making more guap
Get these girls pussies wetter than a fucking mop
Me and my boys, we’re by my side
We ride ’til we fucking die
MPR, that’s what all these ladies wanna fucking cry
Money, power, respect, we live with no regrets
Got your girl give me hickey but it’s not on my neck
My dick, ah

[Interlude: New Age & Nora Spouse]
It’s New Age, fuck with me
Mmh, mmh
Mmh, mmh
Nora Spouse

[Verse 5: Nora Spouse]
Killin’ and winnin’ even though I’m sinnin’
I’m still gonna take your bitch and she’s gonna ride this dick
Yeah, you know I do this shit everywhere I go
Niggas spittin’ my own flows everywhere I go
Niggas trying copy me, copy and paste
And I’ve taken your bitch and I take her to my place
I’ma take her to my bed then that pussy I’ma slay, ah
Do this shit in one day
Freestyling with my niggas after school or some shit
And your bitch tryna slide with the crew, suck this dick
And I’m smoking on that loud pack, uh (Hey, hey)
Grabbing on some fat ass, uh (Oh God)
Throwin’ all these damn stacks, uh

[Outro: Nora Spouse]
Ooh, V2 one (Eh, eh)
V2, nigga, uh
Nora S- (You hear me?)


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