Lyrics XXXTENTACION – Bluddy Katon (OG)

XXXTENTACION – Bluddy Katon (OG) words

Bands on my neck hundred bands on my neck
Pull up with a yung bitch wit a motherfuckin tank
Bands on my neck hundred bands on my neck
Pull up in a nigga city with a tank to his fuckin chest
Yung nigga with the glue to his pants
I got hundreds on me homie i got hundreds fuckin bands
Pull up on a nigga bitch i look like charlie brown
Who this yung nigga really though a nigga town
Hundreds on my dick hundreads on my neck
See a pussy nigga druming with the tank
Pull up on ya moms drop a bomb on a pussy yung nigga
I dont like religion fuck that little mushie bullshit with the clip
With the shit im off the shit
Take yo bitch with the shit
Ridin around with flag clips
Pull up on a nigga then shoot a nigga
Hit his ass witha baseball bat

Blood on my katana,coming for yo mama
Slit her fuckin throght with the motherfuckin drama
Blood between my nails,i would like to go to yail
But i’ll likely go to jail just for reading fucking Braille
Nigga you’ll never prosper, niggas dont never change
Niggas can’t pull up in a nice fucking range
Dramas on my mind hundred commas on my mind
Dirty bitch all she want is a nigga time
Blood on my Katana coming for yo mama
Alive from the grave watch a nigga count commas
Alive all my niggas all my niggas count mounths
A hundred mamas see a bitch with the drums
Take it to the grave buried everyday
All my niggas like the motherfuckin scumbags rot with the hoodie on ima look like trevon
Hundreds on my cops thogh a donut in yo hood feed a fat bitch a fucking donut in yo hood wish a nigga would i got hundreds


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