Lyrics Taylor Swift – You will never change

Taylor Swift – You will never change words

When l meet you l though you were all l ever wanted
I thought you were my smile when l was crying
When l’m alone,l can’t stop missing you,but you don’t know the feel

I would always cry in my room alone,and you would never care
You would never care,cause you never gonna change
You never gonna change and get away now cause l don’t need you

When l texted you,do you really need to be that rude
I just wanna talk,cause l’m alone,you know l’m alone

and l be waiting you,and when l turn 25,and if you looking for me
I want you to stay away,cause l really don’t wanna live that way
I just hope you gonna be happy with her,and l wish you all the love
from this world,be richer than me and open your bar and have a good job!

But when you get famous l just hope,you will remember me 😉


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