Lyrics Selena Gomez – You can be my dad

Selena Gomez – You can be my dad words

You can be here, l can be there
You work upstairs and l work downstairs
For a summer day, no summer dreams

Friday,we’re cool, Monday,we’re freaks

Sometimes we rule, sometimes we can’t even speak.
But we can dance alone, shake it off and say it all

It may seem cliche for me
to wanna say that you’re not alone
And you can call me uncool,
but it’s a simple fact I got your back

Yeah yeah

You said that two years ago or more but now l want
You can be my d a d
You can be my shoulder to cry on
‘Cause you don’t know
but crying is my perfect thing to do!

Hey hey hey!!

I’m kinda crazy like you
Your kinda crazy like me
We write the same song,
in a different key, you just got your girl (my god!)

It’s got a rhythm,
you and me can get along (get along)

Now say my name and talk to me
‘Cause it might help in this,
text me on phone and remember me
Old friend, remember you have little friend!

Younger than you, now remember me!


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