Lyrics Selena Gomez – All Night Long

Selena Gomez – All Night Long words

Rabbits hopping through the fields
Monkeys swinging from the trees
Lions are the king of the forest
But the scariest things alive…

It’s dark outside
There’s a moonlight
The dark scares me
But I won’t believe
That you love me
Cause I know you don’t
You’re a filthy liar
Who likes Mickeyds
Who orders everything
Cheeseburger and select chicken
What are you talking about
Oh no one important
Let’s say ohhhhhhh
Oh yeah
All night long
Up from top now
Now ohhhhhhhh
All night long
All night looooooooong
A pretty tired what about you
A little bit tired
What about we wrap this mother up
Wrapping it up, wrapping it up (wrapping it up, wrapping it and wrapping it up)
And scene
Ouch my ears are bleeding


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