Lyrics Romeo Santos – Outro vol .2

Romeo Santos – Outro vol .2 words

Somewhere in new york
February 2014

Ain’t it crazy how long this song
Has maintain on top of the charts
And you ain’t even go out there
And push the record

I thought it was gonna do well
I just didn’t think it was gonna dominate
The charts for that long
That really surprised me
Fans are gonna like the album

Los Romeistas are gonna love this album
This songs are fire



Mr. Johnny Marines
Oh hell no
How you got my house number
I got my connections you sapo
Yo don’t start with your name calling
I’m sorry eh cariño

What do you want though
You tricked me
Tricked you
Yeah Romeo tricked me

How he trick you
You lied to me and to the fans


What happened to the group album
What you.
Ain’t nothing happen with the.

I know my year
Its 2013
Yeah Formula Vol. 2

No you know what i’m talking about
No te hagas el loco
Where’s the beef

Is beef
Ain’t no beef here
What you think this is a chinese restaurant

Yeah you heard me
First of all what is it to you
(You getting me hungry)
Why you care about the album
Why do you care about it

Tengo hambre
What ain’t nobody talking about food
You said beef with broccoli
No i didn’t
I said what you think this is (don’t trick me)
A chin (don’t trick me again)
Unbelievable this guy

Hold up a second Johnny

Que pues
Suéltame un jugo de china
Que suelte que
Eso es mío
Tú no tienes nada aquí
30 años viviendo aquí maga son
Ponle un postre en la nevera fresca
Yo pago renta aquí

My mother be disrespecting me

Yo you done
Cause’ you always call at the most unsuitable time

What’s that

First of all
No no
First of all
Its unsuitable
Meaning you always call at the wrong time

Yo who you arguing with
Yeah yeah
Just give me a minute
I’m almost done with this full

Is that Romeo
Yo let me talk to him
We go way back
He knows my cousin pichon

Yo yo
You not talking to nobody
If anything i’m done with you man
Enjoy Formula Vol. 2


Llámame el Lunes


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