Lyrics Red Hot Chili Peppers – Goldmine

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Goldmine words

It’s innovated by your tin blue eyes and
Get involved in a sea of fire
Then we’d spoken but I’m a sycophant
This anana roller te coat and I’m Krant

You are my goldmine done dar a soulmine
Somebody satisfied her soul

Said a woman that i do know shouted out
“Remove it” and a ding dong ding
Got a skin beside her and I really don’t fly thy
Shin division and a, poto

Over the holy ghost
Sign of the fatty-rism
“Shit” gonna write it on the floor

Sometimes they get laid all the time
You beside me
Sometimes as she falls to the floor
You beside me

It’s innovated by the ding dong slider
Shit a woman and I really don’t fry now
Chester ring down and a wind don’t fly down
Pip-de-whip and then-a oh snap

Open my goldmine and there for a soul inclined and
Said that out of sight is right beside

Sometimes there’s a reason to shine
You beside, oh
Sometimes there’s a man on the pines
Tell me now

Ah-oh he said I’m-a right to goldmine
Let know that him the way I know
Lie like here through the night
Slide on in on a slide

Sometimes there’s no reason to turn
You decide, all alone
Sometimes there’s no break turn
All alone
Sometimes there’s a bed on the floor
Tell me lord, oh
Sometimes, I don’t fall on a shard
You beside, they don’t know-whoa-whoa


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