Lyrics Michael Jackson – Berlin 1989

Michael Jackson – Berlin 1989 words

They hated the Wall, but what could they do?
It was too strong to break through.
They feared the Wall, but didn’t that make sense?
Many who tried to climb over it were killed.

They distrusted the Wall, but who wouldn’t?
Their enemies refused to tear down one brick, no matter how long the peace talks dragged on.

The Wall laughed grimly. “I’m teaching you a good lesson,” it boasted. “If you want to build for eternity, don’t bother with stones. Hatred, fear, and distrust are so much stronger.”

They knew the Wall was right, and they almost gave up.
Only one thing stopped them.
They remembered who was on the other side. Grandmother, cousin, sister, wife. Beloved faces that yearned to be seen.

“What’s happening?” the Wall asked, trembling. Without knowing what they did, they were looking through the Wall, trying to find their dear ones. Silently, from one person to another, love kept up its invisible work.

“Stop it!” the Wall shrieked. “I’m falling apart.” But it was too late. A million hearts had found each other. The Wall had fallen before it came down.


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