Lyrics Eminem – Radio Freestyle 1

Eminem – Radio Freestyle 1 words

Slim Shady
Representing Detroit, you know what I’m sayin’
With my man DJ Yooter, Dirty Dozen shit
What y’all know about Dirty Dozen shit
Shout out to [?]

Distorted, ordered by the court to be aborted
Snorted, right before these vocals were recorded
Morbid, too perverted
Stay alerted
Went to the club, murdered the first slut that flirted
Deserted, abandoned by my mama and it hurted
The worst nut my daddy ever squirted
Screamin, cussin, buzzin when I’m bustin, open sores pussin
I need another dose of Robitussin
Fussin over nothing
An army couldn’t calm me
Bitching like a lady
Shady like a palm tree
What the fuck you call me, who you calling soft?
I’m still fresher than you and bitch I’m fallin off
I’m horny, and corny girls won’t even cross my path
I’m so dirty, I don’t even wash my ass
Never took a shower, cower from a scower
Prowler, clean your house out in half an hour
What’s your flavor, how you want it, ripe or sour?
Rifle power
Snipe you from the Eiffel Tower
Too much weed, I’m bout to malfunction
Style’s drunken, carjacking Al Duncan
Slim Shady, peace

Spray and wreck, with my man Sway & Tech
Freestylin’ on the mic, rappers ain’t know what’s comin’ next
Yo, I’m in a ‘Vette breakin’ necks
Cashin’ checks, whiplashin’ necks, smashin’ decks
Freestyle right off the top, rappers ain’t ready
Cut ’em like a machete
The Freddy of rap, hold it steady
Bustin’ rhymes off the top of the dome wit’ a popular poem
Forget a team, man, I can stop you alone
Killin’ rappers, rappers ain’t ready for the way I do it

[Lost Verse]
Fluent when I be kickin’ these rhymes, ain’t nothin’ to it
‘Cause I be bustin’ ’em
Rappers ain’t ready, ain’t got no stamina
And I be bustin’ rhymes on Sway & Tech in front of the camera
Damage ya like Ja Rule
Hey you, I’ll mess up your debut
Rappers ain’t ready for the way you can’t save you
They can’t save you, you’re gone, you’re finished
You’re done, you’re diminished
Rappers will never replenish
‘Cause I’m Infinite, and when I step in it
In a minute, I’ma kill it when I bust rhymes
Rappers ain’t ready, ’cause I don’t feel it


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