Lyrics Eminem – Celebrity (Freestyle)

Eminem – Celebrity (Freestyle) words

[Verse: Eminem]
There are enough insults in my head to fill up a swear jar
And have it overflowing
So don’t get me going: don’t dare start
You’ll never see me again: Amelia Earhart
I’m popping a wheelie, off to a really unfair start
I’m past grinding, for me– guess I just be grounded up
Like Ground Round or a pound of chuck
Tightly-wound as fuck ’till the Fire Marshalls come shut
Fire Marshall, down and up
I suggest you better shut the fuck up
And stop fucking around and duck!
I ain’t playing this time, I told you I’m out for blood
So to say “I keep it 100” would probably sound redundant
Like calling a bitch a ho or asking a gal to suck
And blow on your dick cock
Is she up to screwing? Down to fuck?
It’s a man’s world and I’m trapped in a land of smut
With a thousand sluts strapped and muzzled
Running through a house of mutts
In other words, I’m shutting every one of you bitches’ mouths up
And I’m watching my language if I tell you to kiss my fucking butt!
And ain’t shit changed, my shit still don’t stink, player
My farts may have gotten staler ever since
I became a trailer park celebrity
Maybe my complexion became a little paler
Poster child for white trash
I’m a Garbage Pail Kid sailor, yeah
See me I’m all up on your bitch means I’mma rape her
All I got for these hoes is dick, duct tape and a stapler
So bitch, you better look for table scraps to scrape up
I don’t subscribe to the News or the Free Press
But homie, I get the paper!


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