Lyrics Bruce Springsteen – Paradise

Bruce Springsteen – Paradise words

[Verse 1]
Where the river runs to black
I take the schoolbooks from your pack
Plastics, wire and your kiss
The breath of eternity on your lips

In the crowded marketplace
I drift from face to face
I hold my breath and close my eyes [x2]

And I wait for Paradise [x2]

[Verse 2]
The Virginia hills have gone to brown
Another day, another sun going down
I visit you in another dream [x2]

I reach and feel your hair
Your smell lingers in the air
I brush your cheek with my fingertips
I taste the void upon your lips

And I wait for Paradise [x2]

[Verse 3]
I search for you on the other side
Where the river runs clean and wide
Up to my heart the waters rise [x2]

I sink beneath the river cool and clear
Drifting down I disappear
I see you on the other side
I search for the peace in your eyes

They are as empty as Paradise (x2)

I break above the waves
I feel the sun upon my face


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