Lyrics Black Veil Brides – Vale (This is Where It Ends)

Black Veil Brides – Vale (This is Where It Ends) words

Every word I said
Echoes in my head
Like ghosts that haunt the night
I’m living one last time
Visions of us fade away
The mirror we can’t hide
Forever now we’ll stay away

Life took another turn
A hurricane has washed away
The fire that once burned
Time has taken our true spark
Chosen but we gave away
The beat to your broken heart
I can’t put it back together
No, I won’t put it back together
This is where it ends

Dreams will come and end
Living with my sin
A fear that burns so bright
I lie awake at night
Missing my heart everyday
I know inside it’s time
To end this now and face today


Lyrics of the artist 's songs Black Veil Brides
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