Lyrics Becky G – Lighters

Becky G – Lighters words

I’ve seen the inside of half a dozen studios
Live on the microphone

I know about half a dozen hoolio’s
California girl, I’m feeling right at home

I’ve seen a person, lie with a smile on
I’m on an uphill battle, a mile long

But I respect everyone who laid bricks down
For me to stomp my converse kicks round

I see you Left Eye, I feel you right now
I know you, wouldn’t never put this mic down

You left to soon but everybody gotta fall
I hope you hear me every time I’m singing waterfalls

You know that I’m an mc right?
Never would have been without mc light

And Lauren Hill sang and played the guitar
I used to listen and dream one day I’d get far

I’m too young to be a queen but I respect Latifah
And if you’re listening I hope one day I get to meet ya

Cause I act too, I write screenplays
And rock loud when I’m listening to Green Day

I love Michael, I still can’t believe it
And when I act dead, mamma tells me beat it

And Christina taught me how to belt the notes out
And Lil mama win hard what you know about

Everybody I was influenced by
Every star was a fan just like you and I

So put you’re hands up like you about to fight the sky
I wanna see the whole word put your lighters high

Sky’s filled with lighters
Ooooh oooh
The sky’s filled with lighters
Ooooh oooh [x2]

I see the night time sky glowing right now
Just take it in

And I respect everyone that’s going right now
That’s what it takes to win

I see you Ke$ha, I can’t even lie
When you and Luke make a track, I turn my speakers high

Nicki remind the females it’s okay to rap
And I’m a low key fan, I’m just waiting back

And Karmin show everyone what you do
If you post the right video’s on youtube

Rebecca Black got a hundred million hits
And I don’t curse but damn that’s the shi…

And it’s Saturday, so no school
Katy Perry made teenage dream so cool

I don’t understand this game, that’s why I never hate
It only hurts people, I like to celebrate

And I would say thank you if I knew Bruno Mars
Cause I’m borrowing his hook again and 2 more bars

Slim, I’m a fan, you made history
Now put your lighters in the air
And sing with me

The sky’s filled with lighters
Oooooh ooooh
Sky’s filled with lighters
Ooooooh oooooh [x5]


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