Lyrics Austin & Ally (OST) – Who I Am

Austin & Ally (OST) – Who I Am words

Oh-oh oh oh oh
Oh-oh oh oh oh
Oh-oh oh oh oh
Oh-oh oh oh oh

Maybe I shouldn’t lie
I was in over my head
All the games that I played
Just played me instead
Please forgive me, I’m trying to forget
I was too busy fronttin’
How dumb can I get?

Oh-oh oh so busted
Oh-oh oh I messed it up, up, up
Gonna tell you what, what, what

Gonna dance like a freak I’ma be tonight
Sing along words into the mic
‘Cause that’s just who I am
That’s just who I am

I won’t care if they laugh at me
If I lose my grip on gravity
I’m doing the best I can
‘Cause that’s just who I
That’s just who I am.


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