Lyrics Ariana Grande – You’ll Never Know

Ariana Grande – You’ll Never Know words

Now you finally tell me how ya feel
Guess your ass just came a little too late
All the drama, boy, it’s overkill
Don’t be mad at me ’cause you’ve been replaced
Know your place

But if you would’ve manned up,
Put your hand up, stand up,
Told me how you really felt
Then may it’d be different
If you spoke, I would’ve listened
But now I’m with somebody else
And he loves me
Too much for me to mess this up
And it sucks to be all in your place
Wondering where this thing could go

But you will never know what we could’ve been
If you would’ve shown it way back then
When I loved you, boy, you should’ve loved, yeah
But you didn’t love so now you’ll never know

Now it’s probably hard for you to hear,
but there’s nothing left for you to say
Had my heart all in your hands,
but what you don’t understand
is a girl like me don’t have no time to waste around



You’ll never know
Boy, you should’ve told me
Boy, you should’ve let me know
Boy, you should’ve been there for me
But now you’ll never know

It’s not my fault
You’re a little bit too late
You’re the only one to blame
Wipe that look off your face
You can wish a thousand times
But none of that will change my mind
You had a chance you’ll never get back




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