Lyrics 2Pac – Killuminati

2Pac – Killuminati words

Let it be prophesized; niggaz’ll die because ya crew’s goon
Around the way niggaz get murdered by the full moon
Heard it in whispered tones
Niggaz is bold and they choose to roll
I kill em all, watch now nigga truth be told
Westside was the war cry, look how they scatter
Niggaz dyin by my 30-yard, brains’ll splatter
Wonder why these niggaz cross me
I’m certified crazy, so sick the world made me
Now diggy-die, everytime I ride it’s for reasons
Hard to kill a nigga cause I’m comin back like Jesus
Bow down to my ill nation runnin from drug cases
Lookin at my congregation so full of thug faces
Momma gave a nigga breath, a life of stress
I invest in a vest and makin niggaz watch they every step
Label me a threat
and I ain’t even got started with this shit yet
Thug style baby, hands on my pistol, listen I’m a ridah
Every nigga breathin pay attention
Bout to show you motherfuckers how it feel, to drop a body
The simple gun to my lifestyle, Killuminati

Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you
Hold it down
Killuminati and we got you, got you
Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you
Hold it down
Killuminati and we got you, got you
Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you
Hold it down
Killuminati and we got you, got you
Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you
Hold it down
Killuminati and we got you, got you

After the fire comes the rain, after pleasure there’s pain
Even though we broke for the moment, we’ll be ballin again
Til I make it yo; my military be prepared for them bustaz
Similar to, bitches that scary, get too near me we rushin
Visions of over-packed prisons, fiends and niggaz thug livin
Pressures and three strikes, I hope they don’t test us
They pull the heater ammunition it cranks, psssh
Move without a sound, as we slide down, pistols in place
They got me fiendin for currency, the money be callin
It’s like I’m – dreamin, see in season me ballin
Participated in felonious behavior
Cock the cocked fo’-five, snatchin niggaz pagers
Labeled a mark soon as we start, it was hard to quit
We started out drinkin 40’s, moved to harder shit
God damn now I’m a grown man, I follow no man
Nigga got my own plan, and it’s called Killuminati

I spend most of my time bankin niggaz
because they hate a nigga, comin across fake niggaz
But we made niggaz, old school and I’m thinkin
Y’all some bitch made niggaz and you steadily sinkin
O-U-T, L-A-W-Z ain’t nuttin fuckin with that
We bustin back comin back for the stacks
Laugh last cash cash, all I want is the paper
Givin them fuckers tool whips, I rule haters
Y’all can’t fade us, we kill steal and peal quickly
The boss niggaz, definitely, put it down strictly
E.D.I. Amin, until the law come for me
Kill em all for shortie, ninety-nine Killuminati

They got me thinkin strugglin and hustling’s my only fate
Toppin grams on the kichen plate, tryin to keep that money straight
Times is rollin three up these streets sleep
But when I crack, hammer cocked back rapped in my sheets
My life’s been crossed, crooked since a seed it hurts
Got a package from the devil, payin my deeds
Preocuppied by the greed, in this crooked life I lead
More funds to spend, or bigger guns to squeeze
Me and my thugs clock G’s simpin naughty thangs
Real as these tatt’s on my body, and it’s Killuminati


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