Artist Birtday : 07/08/1994 (Age 25)
Born In : Lahore, Pakistan
Occupation(s) : Rapper, Singer
Web Site :


Artist Bio

Muffassir Sabir also known as Young Desi (born 7 August 1994), stylized Young Desi, is a Pakistani rapper, singer and songwriter. He was in the fourth Pakistan Super League Anthem “Khel Deewano Ka”. Desi’s real name is Muffassir Sabir.

Early Life

Muffasir Sabir was born on 7 August 1994. Rapping is still a new genre in Pakistan and Young Desi wants to change that. Soon after his family moved to Faisalabad in 2009. Sabir was in Coke Studio Season 11.

Young Desi also rapped in the fourth PSL Anthem “Khel Deewano Ka”.


Young Desi