Artist Birtday : 10/12/1983 (Age 36)
Born In : Mumbai, India
Occupation(s) : Playback Singer & Live Performer
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Artist Bio

Born to a musical high, Shefali Alvares’s vocals embody melodic goodness of smoky Jazz & Blues to up-tempo Rock filling up her music arsenal. She has made her presence felt in the live music arena of this country nearly a decade now, bedazzling a wide audience with her critically acclaimed singing skills. Shefali pursued professional training from a very young age with renowned musicians, giving her an edge over and a wide range, to excel in many genres. Packed with a passionate energy to grab the post modern era of music performances with her customized style and vocal capabilities, she is truly classical and as contemporary and fresh in this new age of song uniqueness.

Influenced by some of the heavy weight music gods such as Louis Banks, Joe Alvares, Karl Peters, Michael Stanton to Tyris Washington (USA), she has performed alongside them and held her mark with strength, above all. Shefali’s raw energy has been staged at an eclectic and wide variety of venues and festivals around India and internationally. Worthy of mention to some of her accomplished performances are to the Royalty of Nepal and the Presidential Entourage of President Bill Clinton, gracing the stage at a prestigious awards function for the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce courting Jazz luminaries from the USA and having the Prime Minister as the chief guest amongst her audience.



Shefali Alvares