Artist Birtday : 24/02/1994 (Age 25)
Born In : Jalandhar,India
Occupation(s) : Playback singer
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Artist Bio

Jyoti Nooran’s, one among the famous singing sisters duo known as Nooran Sisters, affair has taken a twist when Jyoti and along with her newly wed husband Kunal Passi appeared in the Punjab and Harayana High Court at Chandigarh seeking protection from her parents and her elder sister Sultana Nooran. Jyoti was spotted wearing choora in her arms and Kunal was having an unkempt grown up beard. In the court of Honourable Justice TPS Maan, Jyoti Nooran urged for her protection because she has married a guy of her choice.

According to Jyoti her parents and sister are against this relationship and they wanted her to marry a guy of their choice. She, through her counsel, alleged that her parents are greedy and cunning. They want to marry her to a guy whom she does not seem fit for her. She told the court that she is in love with Kunal for two years and she tried hard to convince her parents for this marriage. But when she smelled danger to her life, she decided to get married with Kunal against her parents wish immediately. Therefore she willingly went thru a marriage ceremony according to Hindu rituals in a temple and started living with Kunal. Court ordered to give them shelter in protection home situated in sector 19 of Chandigarh. Court also ordered Jyoti Nooran to prove her age. The case has now been fixed for August 21 for further hearing.




Jyoti Nooran