Artist Birtday : 20/04/1985 (Age 34)
Born In : Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Occupation(s) : Singer, Song writer
Genres : Punjabi, Sufi rock, Pop
Web Site :

Artist Bio

If you blend a rustic voice with some Sufi/Tasawwuf thought, a Sufi posture with a Sufi trademark, some catchy melodies upon Sufi chants that assimilate through your ears to your soul.

It would bring to your mind only one name, and that is Asrar. A guy born on the 20th of April 1985 in Azad Jamu Kashmir. In his childhood while playing and walking in the valleys, seeing the sky, the little child used to write some lines and compose some tunes upon those. And he kept on asking himself that why every tune is different from other?

Later in 1992 his father posted to the city situated at the bank of River Sindh, Haiderabad. He found Ustad Sultan Ahmad Khan in 2005 and asked him the same question, why every tune is different from the other? who later answered him by teaching the basics of classical music from where he learned and polished his voice.

In 2007 he took permission and prayers from his Ustad and thought of trying his luck in the Pakistani music industry and with this aim he moved to Lahore in 2007. he won “All Pakistan music conference” stood first and then he started a production house with his friends and launched his first single ‘Ni saiyo’ in 2011. Which remained hit on the charts for a period comprising more than two years. He then made his second song ‘Chalak Chalak’ and later released many other hits.

In his studio he writes and composes his own songs and also composes songs and writes lyrics for other singers too. Other than that he’s currently working on audio and videos for his up coming album too.